Why blog?

Blogs serve various purposes. Many blogs are written by persons who aspire to be writers while others are written as a journal of ones life.  Sometimes blogs are written just for family members while others are created to share broadly across the internet to whomever chooses to read them.  Some blogs are very, very specific and would only be read by those with the same very selective interests while others are so broad, you’re not really sure what the connections are.  Really.  Blogs can be whatever you want them to be.  I have started this blog as a beginning of my expansion into technology and creating a positive digital footprint.  One day, it will be linked to my library website which can be found at WES Library which is a true work in progress.  But I guess most things are, right?

In the following posts, I will be reviewing various educational blogs that I have found to be useful.  Stay tuned.


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